Serving the Islamic Ummah
Sovereign Rating Policy And Methodology

IIRA’s sovereign rating methodology has been outlined to provide clarity on the economic and social dimensions typically involved....

Takaful Rating

Over the years, insurance had evolved on the “risk-sharing” concept (based on mutuality) and later transformed into a “risk-transferring” mechanism (particularly after introduction of stock companies...

Methodology for Shari’ah Compliance and Fiduciary Rating

The Shari’ah Compliance and Fiduciary Rating aims to provide information and independent assessment regarding the Shari’ah governance framework of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs), or of conventional institutions providing Islamic banking or financial services...


Social enterprises and third sector1 organizations are growing in significance, globally, amidst frustrations with mounting violations of socio‐economic justic...

Fiduciary Methodology

The evolution of Islamic Finance as a parallel to conventional finance has gained significant global recognition in the past few decades. Islamic Finance is recognized as fundamentally different from conventional finance...

Credit Rating Methodology for Commercial Banks

IIRA’s rating framework for commercial banks comprises three broad areas of analysis. The assessment begins with system-wide external factors that may impact risk profile of commercial banks, followed by standalone operating profile of commercial banks in addition to an assessment of external support that may be available to the institution...

Industrial Corporates Rating Methodology

Credit ratings inculcate transparency and invite investor confidence as they are a third party opinion on the credibility and financial strength of institutions signifying ability to service debt/Sukuk in a timely manner...