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China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co.Ltd CCXI:    Press Release    |    COUNTRY RISK REPORT ALONG THE BELT AND ROAD (2022)

Recent Ratings

IIRA Concludes the Re-assessment of Al Baraka Bank Syria IIRA Assigns Initial Ratings to International Islamic Bank IIRA revises Trust Bank’s Ratings IIRA reaffirms SCFR ratings of Faysal Bank Limited, Pakistan, following complete conversion IIRA Maintains Sovereign Ratings of Türkiye IIRA Maintains Sovereign Ratings of Malaysia IIRA observes stronger corporate governance practices; maintains ratings of the Al Baraka Bank Tunisia IIRA places Ratings of Asia Aliraq Islamic Bank on Rating Watch-list IIRA improves outlook on the Sovereign Ratings of the Kingdom of Bahrain to ‘Stable’ IIRA Reaffirms Ratings of Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. (c)

Al Baraka Bank Syria

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Syria 16/11/2023 NR NR - BBB - - - - -

International Islamic Bank

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Iraq 06/11/2023 BBB(iq) A3(iq) Stable - B- B B- B Stable

Trust International Islamic Bank

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Iraq 02/11/2023 BBB-(iq) A3(iq) Negative - B- B B- B Negative

Faysal Bank Limited(FBL)

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Pakistan 30/10/2023 - - - - - - - - -

Republic of Türkiye

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Turkey 18/08/2023 AAA(tr) A1+(tr) Stable - BB+ A3 BB+ A3 Stable