Serving the Islamic Ummah

Senior Management

Ms. Sabeen Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Sabeen Ahmad is the Chief Executive Officer of IIRA. Ms. Sabeen has 25 years of multifaceted experience in economic and financial risk evaluations spanning Sovereign risk, Banks and non-Financial firm-level and instrument risks, as well as Fund Managers and Insurance Companies, with specialized focus on Islamic finance in all of these areas. She has been associated with the credit ratings industry for over two decades and has pioneered ratings in the social sector of Pakistan, while also being actively involved in research endeavors of significance in the area of Islamic finance. Notable among these is the development of concept papers embedding an appreciation of Islamic finance related risks within credit ratings, delineating approaches to evaluate Fiduciary risks in Shari’ah complaint entities, contributing to industry level efforts at standardizing such evaluations and developing and extending financial and non-financial risk evaluation models.
She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Ms. Farah Parveen Khan - Senior Financial Analyst

Ms. Farah Parveen Khan has been associated with Islamic International Rating Agency as an analyst since Aug. 2016. She has over 10 years of experience in credit ratings covering corporate and financial institutions (FIs) domains. Prior to joining IIRA, Ms. Farah was associated with CRISIL – an S&P Global Company in India, for about 9 years. She was involved in corporate ratings from a third party agency perspective whereby she assisted and closely collaborated with the S&P analysts. During her tenure at CRISIL, Ms. Farah covered various regions and industry sectors, - Asia-Pacific commodities sector (sub-sectors including metals & mining, oil & gas, building materials & forest products, and chemicals), and U.S. media and entertainment. She had received a few credit-in-prints on various issuer publications and was acknowledged for her work and contribution.
Ms. Farah is a BMS graduate (elective in Finance) from University of Mumbai and has completed the intermediate level (CA PE-II) of Chartered Accountancy from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Mr. Saeed Ramadhan, Corporate Affairs & Accounts